Rebulit in 2006 with new PHE

Includes :                        - Complete pasteuriser

                                            -  Flash Vessel

                                            -  Separator

                                            - steam to hot water set



           Process Flow                            26,842 lph

           Fat Content                               Less than 10%

           Milk Inlet                                      4—10 deg C

           Pasteurisation Temp              75 deg C

           Exit Temp                                   Min 30 deg C



           Pasteuriser        Raw Milk Feed Pump (Inox CS50 175 2)

                                            Raw milk & CIP flow plates

                                            Variable Speed  for raw milk (ABB)

                                            Past Balance tank WITH Rosemount level control & Serotech temperature control

                                            Water supply valve, drain valve, spray ball valve, change over (Bardiani)

                                            Timing Pump (APV W55/60)

                                            Variable speed for timing pump (ABB)

                                            2 x Alfa Laval GAFF Filters

                                            Plate Heat Exchanger N35 (this was cracked tested 2015)

                                            Pasteuriser flow meters ( Rosemount)

                                            2 x Divert Valves ( Bardiani LL Port)


           Flash Vessel      (-14PSI +20 PSI)

                                            Feed valves (Keysone)

                                            Temperature transmitter (Serotech)


           Separator             Separator MRPX 318 TGV (includes spare NEW motor)

                                            Separator constant pressure modulation valve (Alfa Laval)

                                            Separator balance tank pump( Wilden M1)

                                            Separator pump (Sandpiper)

                                            Separator tool set (with base)


           Steam to Hot water set

                                            Manual stem valve (FCX Taylor)

                                            Steam pressure gauge (Teltherm)

                                            Steam Control valve (Spirax Sarco D65/PN25)

                                            Hot water PHE (APV H17)

                                            HW circulation pump (Lowera FHE65)

                                            HW Balance tank with level and temperature control

                                            2 x hot water control valves (Keystone F990)

                                            Steam reduction valve (Spirax Sarco DP17


           NB:    Separator, HW pump, Timing pump, Pasteuriserr feed pump, Raw milk pump and CIP pump were all tested  and passed            using vibration analysis in Feb 2015

           N35 cracked tested by APV Aug 2015