Easifill EF-III

Webb easifill III

Item Ref: WEBB-EF-III-1

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  • Manufacturer: Webb Automation
  • Model: Easifill EF-III


The EF-III ‘EasiFill’ range of auger filling machines brings to the user all the advantages of the latest direct drive filling technology providing servo drive flexibility for applications where outright servo drive performance is not required.

The lack of clutches, brakes, belts and chains eliminates expendable items, and thus reduces maintenance to an absolute minimum. This can dramatically increase the long term reliability, especially with installations running continuos shifts. The dose required is entered via the operator pod, and settings include the ability to optimise auger and stirrer feed in order to obtain the best performance on individual products. These settings are saved against unique product codes, allowing very quick changeover times between a variety of different products.

When running in volumetric mode, the stopping accuracy is controlled to 1/1000 of an auger revolution, this is achieved by the use of a precision encoder mounted within the motor assembly.

The control pod is completely sealed against dust and liquids. Prompts are provided during machine set-up, with statistical fill information being provided during running.