Minifill MF-1

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Item Ref: WEBB-MF-1-1

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  • Manufacturer: Webb Automation
  • Model: Minifill MF-1


The MiniFill range of auger fillers provide precision controlled dosing of small weights and volumes for laboratory, manually presented small container filling applications through to fully automated filling of containers, sachets and stick packs.Up to 15 fillers can be controlled by one control panel, ths is ideal when mounting on multi-lane sachet & stickpack machines.

Round, Tubular or Narrow hopper options are available to suit any type of application.

Check weigher feedback, independent variable speed on both Auger and Stirrer motors, no tools strip down, Servo control resolution better than 1 in 4,000ths of a revolution, and PC link are all standard features included within all MF-I MiniFill machines.

Use of directly coupled advanced specification servo motors gives the optimum control and performance of filling accuracy.

This is especially true in applications where dosing at high speeds when integrated with high-speed sachet or stickpack machines. Here the ‘MF-I MiniFill’ excells above all others. The lack of clutches, brakes, belts and chains eliminates expendable items, and thus reduces maintenance to an absolute minimum.